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Here is a list of some useful links to other service providers in Belize.


Belize Appraisal Services Ltd.

Belize Appraisal Services Ltd. is one of the leading property valuation companies in Belize. Our company has provided efficient, and professional valuation services to many international and local clients.
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Belize Custom Brokers

Belize Custom Brokers website has a comprehensive list of Custom Brokers in the Country of Belize.
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Belize Copyright Law & Services

This website provides a great deal of information rearding Copyright in Belize.
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Belize Escrow Services

A comprehensive site that explains the use, procedure, and legal issues surrounding Escrow Services in Belize.
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Belize Lawyers and Attorneys

Our site is geared at providing our visitors with the most comprehensive list of attorneys available in the country of Belize.
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Belize Patent Services

Providing the very best in Patent registration services in Belize. This company has been providing Patent registration services through its affiliates for the past 2 years.
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Belize Tourism Board (BTB)

he Belize Tourism Board is a statutory body within the Ministry of Tourism, which represents a strategic partnership between government and the private sector to develop, market, and implement tourism programs that will fulfill the emerging needs of our local industries and the international tourism marketplace for the benefit of Belize and Belizeans.
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Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA)

The Belize Tourism Industry Association is a private sector organization promoting sustainable tourism, while maintaining the natural and cultural integrity of Belize.
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Belize Trademark Law & Services

This website provides a great deal of information rearding Trademark Registration in Belize.
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Buy Belize Auto Rental Ltd.

Buy Belize Ltd. is proud to introduce you to it's most recent addition - Buy Belize Vehicle Rentals. Buy Belize has been providing clean, efficient, reliable,and economic vehicles to its clients for many years. We are known throughout the country for our outstanding guarantee of 24 hour service, unlimited mileage, airport pickup, and vehicle delivery whether it be at the airport or to your place of stay.
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Buy Belize Real Estate

Belize's Fastest Growing Real Estate Company. Our company provides information and services concerning Real Estate, Vehicle Sales, Vehicle Rentals, Local Investments, Relocation Assistance, Custom Brokerage, Auctioneer, Licensed Land Surveyors, Legal Services and tourism to both local and international clients.
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Estevan Perera (Belize Lawyer)

A Legal website providing indebt information regarding purchasing property in Belize, succession services, trademark services, asset protection services, local company services and debt collection.
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Promote is a comprehensive directory listing of all professional servicese in Belize. visit website